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7 Things you probably missed in the First trailer of GOT 8

As the April 14 is nearing the release of Game of Thrones season 8. Here is the  breakdown of 8 things probably you must have missed . So here is the list of things what we can expect in this unexpected season.

  1. Opening scene shows that Arya is running from someone. Her face is laden with bruises and fear. Who could it be ? May be the White Walker. 
  2. Golden Company on their way to Kings Landing with the barrel of wildfire in it. (Used by Lannisters to defeat their enemies).
  3. Cersei smiles with a wine in her glass, which as a ritual is always after she destroys the enemy.But we can see some tears in her eyes which indicate she is very hurt or it can be that she has lost one of her dear ones.
  4. Daenerys and Jon Snow shown in couple of scenes together. We suspect that they might be in a romantic relationship in this season.Their dynamic is suspected to change this season for the good or for the bad only time can show.
  5. Jon Snow’s Parentage will be finally revealed.
  6. Weirwood tree has always been Lannister’s place of pivotal decision. Jon Snow standing next to the tree might indicate his call for the throne?
  7. No prizes for guessing a lot of people are going to die.

So  whom do you think is going to die or make way to “THE THRONE”

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