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Fun Fact About Dragon Age 4 That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever had a double WFT in one moment when you just happened to casually hit a search regarding your favorite game and what pops on your screen side by side are two contradicting articles?
Let’s first define “a double WTF moment” wherein the first point you get super excited to the point that you want to jump with joy but the very next second you feel like yelling out bloody murder because of SURPRISE! you just got royally rogered. 

Yeah, the internet is a messy and insensitive place, which can play with your emotions within one simple search.Let’s get to the point! Yesterday we hit a search where the first result that popped up was that Dragon Age 4- The Dreadwolf Rises had been listed on Gamestop (Ireland) for Pre-orders:

Find below the link to the article that got us there:

The headline got you excited, didn’t it! (Well if you are a Dragon Age fan you get the drift, otherwise maybe not).

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It got the writer of this article excites too. However, as you read on you slowly realize that this seems to have been a practical joke or maybe a human error by an over-enthusiastic employee. None the less as a Dragon Age fan, the writer is far done from fuming yet.

The reason being the game is still quite far from release, as EA & BIOWARE are still to officially give an expected release date for the game. Also one should note that Dragon Age development was recently rebooted, as the development team was resourced to save Anthem, Bioware’s third big property after Dragon Age and Mass Effect. 

More details on this can be found below: 

The listings seem to have been since taken down, however.

While the excitement lasted for a bit, Dragon Age 4 is still very early in development and may not see the light of day anytime soon.

Meanwhile, we shall try and keep you posted on major developments.

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