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Did you miss Dragon Age 4 - Reveal Trailer?

First the declaration:  I am a huge fan of the Dragon Age Series, and
consider this sacred territory on this web platform (i.e. Gamer’s Café),
hence this is not coming from your beloved #Girlinthecafe’s desk

Second, I am in immense shock that I
have committed such sacrilege, by not having talked about any thing in this
series in the entire history of Gamer’s Café!

Well time to correct past sins! So, I
choose to start off with a short write up on the December 2018 Gaming awards
reveal trailer of the next Dragon Age!

In the interest of keeping spoilers to a minimum, all those who

have played Dragon Age Inquisition can very well resonate with what you see here.

Image result for Dragon Age 4


Well this trailer has left us excited, and we are going to leave
the frame to frame analysis to the experts, for now what we are going to do
though is start the series all over again and review each of these games,
consider it the writer’s personal agenda.

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Signing off, to return soon.

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