Easy 18 PUBG TIPS & TRICKS That work for all

PUBG Mobile has been a flat out sensation with more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store. Notwithstanding, while fun, PUBG Mobile is definitely not a diversion that is simple in any capacity. There are a ton of players, and in case you’re moderately an apprentice at PUBG Mobile, or fight royale diversions by and large, we have some incredible tips and traps to enable you to score that chicken supper.

PUBG tips and trick #1– Use Molotov to kill the opponent

If you know your opponent is hiding in a house, you can use Molotov to block him from one way. Then beat him from other direction. You can also THROW the Molotov at two sides so as he doesn’t get the chance to run away.



PUBG tips and tricks #2-Don’t stop in the car

If you are driving while someone is firing on you then just move on, don’t stop, if you stop, then you might get killed.

PUBG tips and tricks #3-Jump Fast

Jump in a perpendicular angle as shown in the picture, you will get more speed up to 254m/s.

PUBG tips and tricks #4-Never hide in small cover

Never try to hide in a container or any other small cover where you are unable to have much movement or anybody can kill you.

PUBG tips and tricks #5

After landing, you get to know that the house in which you have landed, there is another player too, then just run away, if you don’t get the gun. If you have got the gun then just push and kill him before he kills you.

PUBG tips and tricks #6

Always try to prone less in open places, because from highlands anybody can see you. Also don’t prone in places like corridors because there you can’t get much movement and anybody can kill you.

PUBG tips and tricks #7

Use glitches over houses to jump from one to other. it will surprise other players and they will not be able to defend you and you can kill them all.

PUBG tips and tricks #8Peek and fire

Everyone knows this, but most of the player never uses in a better way, try to take cover, so that even a small portion of you can’t be seen and if you can see your opponent’s any little portion, then just push.

PUBG tips and tricks #9Don’t look

If you are on a container and someone is attacking you, then just jump down and run away, don’t try to do introspection or you will get killed.

PUBG tips and tricks #10

Use a grenade to frighten other players, so that you can push, in this way the sound of footsteps also will not come.

PUBG tips and tricks #11

If you can hear the other player reloading the gun then just push, don’t give him a chance to attack you.

PUBG tips and tricks #12Never run in a group

If you are in a squad then never ever try to run together, run making some space between all your players, like one player in front, then after some space another and similarly another after some space. It will be of huge benefit as not all your squad members be killed together and if someone gets knocked out, another can revive him.

PUBG tips and tricks #13Use smoke

At the time of loot, use smoke so no one can see you or if you are in a squad then one should loot and the other should take cover but if you have a smoke then no worries, loot together.

PUBG tips and tricks #14

If you are in a house on a staircase and the other person is on the above floor then come up, fire, go down the stairs and repeat till he dies.

PUBG tips and tricks #15

Never jump during close combat because at that time you can’t use the weapon and you can easily be killed.

PUBG tips and tricks #16

If someone is firing on you while you are in the car can blast any time then just jump and prone. You will have some chance that you will survive.

PUBG tips and tricks #17

If you are low on health and your squad is fighting. Then first take first-aid and then jump in a fight because if you get there without health and die. This will only create pressure on your squad

PUBG tips and tricks #18

Always try to do movement in open space, never remain or you will become an easy target for other players.

Well if 18 is not enough for you, then check out the below video containing 50 hacks to master Chicken Dinner

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