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Google Streaming Platform “ Stadia” Unveiled at GDC 2019

Google announced its Game streaming platform “Stadia” at GDC 2019 today.

Earlier there was a speculation that this new project of Google is called as  ” Yeti” Click here to read more 

Sundar Pichai who loves playing FIFA introduced Stadia service in his special keynote.



He admits that it was Google’s ambition to steam games on all devices from cloud to Chrome and Pixel Devices. Stadia will be able to work on all devices like smartphones, laptops, PC ’s, Tablets via Chrome.

Phil Harrison who has been associated on Sony and Microsoft joined Sundar Pichai on stage in unveiling Stadia and his role in Google.He further took the show ahead by playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey that can across Chromebook, Pixel 3 and TV via Chromecast. One can use Stadia via controllers, keyboard or even mouse on Laptop and PC.


Adding to this Google launched Stadia Controller that links directly on wifi. They also mentioned their two new buttons.

a. Capture Button – where one can play games, set records and share it with friends on Facebook and Youtube.
b. Google assistant tool- to assist players in a game

Stadia salient features

  1. Stadia belonging to Google is the no.1 game player in search and then backed by game-focused hardware encouraging heavy streaming via Wifi.
  2. Stadia is compatible with 4 K and can go up to 8 K giving a tough other competitors XBOX, PS4 who are leading in the market
  3. Stadia is also compatible with Youtube, this will help YouTubers to create a challenge with the Fans to play and engage with them.
  4. Stadia offers instant click play access where a player has to just hit the play button to start the game.
  5. Stadia supports multiplayer and cross-platform games like PUBG, Battel royale etc.
    Harrison has not confirmed it days of release, however, have declared that it will be launched in the UK, USA, and Europe later this year.

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