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Google's Project "Yeti" will be announced soon at GDC March 2019

Google  surprised every one earlier this week by announcing the arrival of  “Yeti”. Google’s Yeti is speculated to be the Game Streaming  Service technology or entirely a new gaming hardware.

 Yeti (codename may be ) details will be revealed in Gamers Developers Conference GDC) in March 2019.

As per the sources, it is stated that Project Yeti was envisioned by Chromecast , but later on it was added that entirely a new gaming console will be developed by Google.

Last summer, Kotaku reported “Google representatives met with several big video game companies to gauge interest in its streaming platform” at GDC 2018. The fact that Google is hosting its own event a year later might suggest that some of those studios have signed on to bring their games to the streaming service.

Understanding that Xbox and Playstation are upgrading themselves soon for Next Gen, Google need to be different to keep up the pace.

We shall learn about this new project soon at Google’s Press event Game Developers Conference  ( GDC) on tentatively  March 19.

Do check out more details about “Yeti” on the below video by Indian Soldier 1

Share your thoughts and comments below as to what do you expect “Yeti” to be.

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