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Let's not forget our Social Responsibilties

Each of us spends our way of life running around with one thing or the other on our  mind,and during this bustling life, we forget to respect the globe that we tend to sleep in.

 The globe that has given us most, that has given us this life that we tend to live and luxuriate in. Like you, our dear readers, we at Gamer’s cafe are also an element of this stunning world that we all live and breathe in, and it’s regarding time that we tend to lent our hand in no matter little means potential to prompt everybody of our most simple social responsibility, i.e. “Respecting the globe we tend to sleep in by keeping it clean!”

By currently several of you will be questioning wherever did this sense of morality suddenly return from. Where we tend to all this point, well for starter’s we apologize for the ignorance on our half, and as they assert it’s better to be late than never.

Recently, we were getting back from the station, we had an occurrence that reminded us of our blissful ignorance, the author of this text on his way home stumbled on a lady who appeared from a decently well to do family. Spoke close to excellent English and was seated in a radio cab. 

So why are we tend to talk regarding this lady, well you see, this woman once finishing her snack threw a full paper-bag of garbage out of the cab window within the middle of the road, whereas the garbage can wasn’t more than five feet away, and mind you the signal she was at was long enough for her to have gotten off and throw this bag of garbage in the bin. 

Once the author of the article pointed out the woman’s folly, instead of realizing her mistake, her retort was “Where else except on the road do you expect me to
throw garbage!”

Dear readers, none of us would ever litter our own homes like we tend to do our city streets, we tend to blame literacy amongst our people for our issues, however once on the face of it educated, individuals like this behave in such a manner, we’ve no words to mention. rather than going everything to our authorities if each of takes this small step of keeping ourselves in restraint and pushing ourselves to treat our cities like we tend to do our homes,
we might create this place a far higher place to measure it. It’s the smallest amount we are able to do for generations to return.

We at Gamer’s cafe publish this text to prompt our readers of their social responsibilities and to pledge our commitment towards this endeavor. we are changing starting today, however, we cannot decide for you, the choice is yours.

Signing off with a hope that we can create a difference.

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