Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer & Breakdown

Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer & Breakdown

For 25 years mortak kombat has entertained us with out of the world characters , stunts , weapons and their stories.

On.   Gamesnight mortal kombat launch the trailer of the 11installment of the neather realm universe.

The trailer featured the fiesty scorpion battling against Raiden .intrestingly the Raiden was in electrifying red light. 

CGI looking trailer gave some hints in what we should look forward in the game.

The batle between raiden and scorpion has blood and new moves. In the end of the battle raiden wins against scorpion and then comes the surprise. Another scorpion comes iin finally battling out raoden. Now this may hint us a new feature in the battle.

In the end of the trailer showed a lady like charcter standing next to the time. All we can guess that this might bring in a new gaming charcter in the realm.


The background much was of savage 21 immortals which left us unimpressive . The


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