PUBG ban: 10 students arrested in Gujarat

PUBG ban in Gujarat

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PUBG Ban: 10 Students arrested in Gujarat

PUBG has been in news since its inception. Mainly for awards, Map updates or competitive tournaments. But this time it is for the wrong reasons which is the PUBG Ban

India is known to be one of the prime markets for PUBG. Lately Gujrat(one of the states in India ) has declared a ban on PUBG owning to its increasing addiction along with its popularity.

10 students of Gujarat have been arrested while playing PUBG. It is believed that they were so much engrossed in the game that they failed to see the Police coming . The reason so imposing the ban was the violent nature of the game that is harmful for the growing children. Other parts of India also believes that PUBG is “too distracting”

Last month PUBG had issued a statement regarding the sprouting controvery of its ban by saying 

“We also believe that it is extremely important for us to be a responsible member of the gaming ecosystem. To this end, we constantly work and shall continue to work with … parents, educators, and government bodies, and listen to their feedback on what we can do.”  

Fornite and Battle royale are the competitors of PUBG, which work on similar lines. However, they are, more Fantasy based unlike PUBG which has realistic looking characters .

Do you think the ban of the game is just enough or government has the right to venture into our choices of games. Share your views in the comment box below.


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