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PUBG Zombie Mode Tips and Tricks

PUBG – (Players Unknown battlegrounds) has been in news constantly, with its updates, bans, controversies, and tournaments. Zombies are the recent addition to the PUBG (Players Unknown battlegrounds) update.

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We do have a couple of Zombie Games in the market, however, the latest seasonal addition is a treat for Resident Evil fans. This mode is for a limited time.

Check out the PUBG- Zombie Survival Trailer .

This season of Zombies is set up on an Erangel Map where Zombies and the competitors are after your life.The premise of the game is the squad lands on the island that are surrounded by Zombies and Competitors around. Zombies get active during the night where all sorts of Zombies pounce on you to decrease your health and kill you eventually. There are various forms of Zombies in this game. Naming a few are


  1. Tyrant – He is the most powerful and undefeatable Zombie. However, on getting loads of goodies in the loot after killing him. The loot might include a third level helmet, green suit.
  2. Gas Mask Zombie:- This one spills loads of acid ( maybe) that would decrease your health.
  3. Zombie Police:- This Zombie is dressed in Police Department’s uniform and takes ways few more bullet to get down.
  4. Zombie Man and Zombie Women:- I would say they are regular Zombie. Can be killed if Knocked on their heads twice or thrice.
  5. Fat Zombie:- This one runs slowly but with the butcher knife. This one also takes a couple of more bullets than other zombies. Stay far when the Zombie dies ( starts shaking his tummy) as it has a tendency to spill acid when burst.
  6. Licker:– This one is a different Zombie as it an animal. It follows you where ever you go. Hence it is essential to kill Licker first.                                                                                      

With the different update and different Zombies, one needs a different treatment to win Chicken Dinner in this Zombie Mode.So here I present you my tips and Tricks to combat this Zombie Survival Mode

1.Landing technique: Tilt 45 degree and dive down completely when you are near to your point 750 Mtr or less. This trick can be used other maps as well. Do try it once and let me know if it worked.

2.Best Places to land where one can get a lot of equipment to sustain in the game: Military base, Georgepool, Novorepnoye best for a squad as all 4 can get fully equipped. But this can be applied only other four maps and not in Zombie Mode since they are surrounded with water. The best places to drop is Rozhok and Yasnaya Polyana as they are only places that are neighboured by water. (Zombies do not jump in the water or climb to tall places).

3.Best Techniques to escape the Zombies: Inn the Zombies Survival Mode, the player faces two night that is attached by Zombies.

a.)First Night- Kill and collect as much ammunition on can collect. This would help to survive in the second night.

b.)Second night- Keep two cars near you ( as the fuel is low filled in this mode and can be exhausted easily )and try to run away one car petrol finishes take the second car. Keep Circling around the Zombies by knocking them with your car.

4. Stay Close to Water bodies:- if you think you are unable to survive the attack of Zombies, it is advisable to be around the water. You can jump in the water, as it would help you to pass the night without decreasing your health. Beware! don’t be around the banks of water as Zombies would be waiting to attack you.

5.Overall best ways to the Zombie mode (Attack or defend): I’ll say a combination of both defense from zombie and attack players as soon as you hear fire nearby. So the best way to get chicken dinner is to finish off all the real player as early as possible.


Do try these tricks and let me did they work for your or not. Or share your secret tips and tricks to win the Chicken Dinner in this epic game of PUNG- Zombies Survival Mode.


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